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The foundation of "The Essential" project I laid as a 22 years old boy. The reason was simple to compose rock music - instrumental rock according to my own liking. If you are playing in a music band, your music is influenced by musicians with whom you are playing. The music you are composing is always adjusting to fulfill expectations of every band member. Oftentimes happened that I made a rock riff on which was our singer unable to respond or there was someone unsatisfied which led to the riff rejection. For these reasons I decided to start producing some of my music ideas by myself and the results you can listen here online ;)

Biography, Discography, News

Tomas Schmidt started learning guitar from Ladislav Mares and Vadim Busovsky from 2004 to 2007, which was the beginning of his music. Between 2006 and 2007, Tomas Schmidt found ATP music band with Pavol Stanko and Adam Hladky. As the guitarist and composer, Tomas Schmidt wrote most of songs for the band.

In 2010, Tomas Schmidt established his own solo music project "The Essential". At the same year, the first solo album "The Essential 23" was released. In 2013, a new music single "No Fate" was released as a continuation of the project "The Essential 26". However, "The Essential 26" was not fully published due to the financial issues. The complete album was recorded together with "The Essential 27" in 2014. And it was officially released in February, 2015. This album contains 8 unique instrumental songs.

The first part of the newest album "The Ultimate Essentials" (first three songs) has been officially released 17.2.2017, the second part will be introduced in November 2021! You can look forward on tough guitar riffs (instrumental hard rock for this time), great sound, and whole lot of other music surprises ;)

Tomas Schmidt

Guitarist and the founder member of ATP band, ATPmusic, The Essential project, all records in The Essential project are composed by Tomas Schmidt

Tibor Schmidt

Former bands:
Mango Molas, Else Quintet

Bass guitar in the song "No Fate" and in "The Essential 27" album.


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Jan Kovac

Keyboards recording, music recording and mixing

Gabriel Szelle

Active member in music bands:
On the road
Intrepid Metallica tribute
Former bands
Antropoid, Randal, Militia.

Drums in "The Essential 27" album

Pavol Stanko

Drums in The "Essential 23" album and in the "No Fate" song.